Alexandrite laser

Have you had any previous experience Alexandrite laser hair removal, and was it painful? It is possible, but not in our studio!

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La Vie Beaute experts do not use the classic Alexandrite laser, but the latest generation device – Alexandrite laser Motus AX with patented Moveo system and built-in cooling system made by the Italian company DEKA.

Alexandrite laser is the most efficient and modern laser for hair removal. Due to increased power, it helps to remove the unwanted hair in comparatively short procedure cycle (for example, faster than with the diode laser).

How Motus AX Alexandrite laser is different from other Alexandrite lasers:

  • Revolutionary approach to hair removal. Working with the Motus AX, the expert performs dynamic movements with the device in 10x10 cm area, instead of treating the hair with a single-time impulse. This approach reduces the procedure time.
  • Longevity. The sapphire head serves for a long time, and hair does not stick to it. For an expert this system is practical and convenient.
  • No pain. Traditional Alexandrite laser hair removal can be painful, and not without any side effects for the darker skin. DEKA with the new MOVEO tip ensures great results, while ensuring safe and pain-free procedure at the same time. The energy is divided into many small impulses, to ensure that the laser works gently, while the heating is even and localized in the follicle, thus preventing heating and damaging of the skin.
  • Convenient to use. The maneuverable and gentle contact tip makes it very easy to use. The operator dynamically moves the device over the 10 x 10 cm skin area, which makes the procedure faster and more pleasant.
  • Handle material. Moveo tip is made from sapphire, which easily transfers all the energy emitted by the laser on the skin. The transmitter of this kind reduce the energy leaks on the skin, thus increasing the laser radiation transfer efficiency.

How it works?

The device uses laser energy accumulation system and further dispersion in several beams. Other laser devices lose around 50% of energy on the way to follicle during hair removal. Alexandrite laser directs the beam of light directly into the follicle, affects the pigment and heats it, instead of skin surface.

This laser is suitable for people with I-V skin photo-types, since the standard devices work on only I-III skin photo-types. This allows each of our clients to experience a completely pain-free hair removal without burning, discomfort, burn marks or pigmentation.

It's painless!

The Moveo system (hair removal in motion) and the built-in cooling system, the sapphire tip, that touches the skin, is always cooled to 15 degrees. Therefore, the hair removal creates pleasant coolness.

What is Moveo?

The latest technology, which is the first to use an innovative hand-held blocks with with cylinder-shaped cooling sapphire tip. The sapphire transmitter reduces energy leaks on skin, thus increasing laser radiation transmission efficiency. At the same time the laser energy can repeatedly go through the same area, while ensuring healthy, painless and even results.

We highly value speed!

Our device allows to quickly treat large areas. To treat 10x10 cm area of the skin, the expert would only need 25 seconds. It means that the hair removal procedure will be quick and painless, and you can fit it in during your lunch break, and even have time to go to a cafe.

Come and try it yourself! Laser hair removal can be completely painless and incredibly efficient.